Who We Are

Our group is made up of three individuals who all specialize in unique aspects of family, individual, and couples therapy. With a welcoming staff, inviting office, and individualized approach, we help our clients heal from past trauma and become the best version of themselves.


Emily Longo, MA, LMFT

I specialize working with children/adolescents, adults, parents, and families who are survivors of trauma and abuse. I believes that problems lie outside of a person and exist in the interactions between that person, their family, and the environment.


Mindy Natale, MA, LMFT

I encourage my clients to view their struggles as opportunities to integrate new life lessons and meaning into their lives. I also collaborate with clients to identify their strengths and to generate new solutions.


Valerie Le Cann Jones, Ma, LMFT

My philosophy is to work with the entire family in the therapeutic relationship–helping clients understand that their goals can be planned and achieved, as well as guiding them toward post-trauma growth.