Where you look affects how you feel.
— Dr. David Grand, founder of Brainspotting

Through Brainspotting, people can achieve lasting healing by being able to find an eye position that attaches to whatever is ailing you. That’s right. Where you look is attached to the thought, emotion, memory, etc. that is stored in the brain. If you focus on the troubling thought, emotion, memory, etc., then the eyes will find a position that will trigger deep processing and, ultimately, healing. And the best news? You don’t even have to talk for it to be effective! You will be given headphones that play relaxing music and help the process along. Healing doesn’t follow a straight line, so it can be surprising, emotional, and freeing to discover where the hurts lie and where the brain takes you.

Your brain and body love you, and want you to be well! Here are some conditions that have been successfully treated with Brainspotting:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Past and present trauma, abuse, and neglect

  • Anger management

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Migraines

  • Performance issues in elite athletes

  • Attachment injuries (ie: adoption, foster care)

  • ADHD

How does it work?

Brainspotting is an investment in changing your life and letting go of whatever is getting in the way of feeling your best. Brainspotting is not covered by health insurance and is $150 per hour.

Sessions are 60 minutes long with our certified Brainspotting therapist, Emily Longo, LMFT. It is recommended that clients participate in a minimum of 2 sessions.

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