Our team of therapists bring years of clinical experience from a wide variety of backgrounds. Depending on if you are need of support for your child, marriage, family, or yourself, each therapist approaches every client with respect and understanding. Click on the links below for further bios.


Emily Longo, LMFT

“I specialize in working with children, adolescents, and teenagers and I also work with families impacted by trauma. I believe that problems lie outside of a person and exist in the interactions between that person, their family, and the environment.”


Lori Altshuler, LMFT

“As individuals I believe we are capable of great growth, change and  possibilities.  My approach to therapy focuses on solutions and goals we create together. We identify patterns that can block us from achieving our goals and full potential. I offer hope through education and personal support. My work is based on my own  core values of compassion integrity and hard work. “


Mindy Natale, LMFT

“I encourage my clients to view their struggles as opportunities to integrate new life lessons and meaning into their lives. I also collaborate with clients to identify their strengths and to generate new solutions.”

Elizabeth Bibeault, LCSW


Valerie Le Cann Jones, LMFT

“My philosophy is to work with the entire family in the therapeutic relationship—helping clients understand that their goals can be planned and achieved, as well as guiding them toward post-trauma growth.”